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Clinical Behavior Analysis

Mission & Principle Values

Our Core Values

Dependable – We hold ourselves accountable to reinforce our relationship with and commitment to the individuals, families and case managers we serve.

Ethical – We work diligently and meticulously to provide the highest quality care with highest level of integrity.

Genuinely-Supportive – We are a judgement-free environment in which participants, families, and caregivers feel welcomed and understood.

Methodical – We are organized and disciplined in our work, enabling us to build on the strengths of our participants and achieve positive outcomes.

Responsive – Our ability to care for our clients in a timely manner puts them at ease and sets us apart.

We will be with you every step of the way, 
and together, we will achieve your goals, making a happier life, your reality!


CBA believes everyone deserves to have the best life possible. Our experience in caring for others is as personal to us as it is professional. We’ve learned that providing services where compassion, proven research and quality care meet, can make a meaningful difference in the lives of participants and their families.

CBA. Care you can count on!

Clinical Behavior Analysis (CBA)

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In implementing its mission, CBA adheres to the following principles and values. 

1.    Treat all people with dignity and respect; encourage others to do the same​.

2.    Acknowledging that the lives of individuals with disabilities reflect the contributions, diversity of lifestyles and choices that are available to all citizens.

3.    Ensure that services and supports are accessible to all members of the community.

4.    Ensure that the provision of supports is consistent with the highest standards of care.

5.    Acknowledge that successful responses to participant needs are required by staff with high levels of skills, knowledge, and integrity.

6.    Promote the principles of empowerment, informed decision making and choice by individuals supported. 

7.    Assist individuals with disabilities to be supported in and remain connected to natural support networks.

8.    Promote fiscal responsibility.