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Clinical Behavior Analysis &

The Center for Behavior Analysis 

We are a group of Board Certified, Licensed Behavior Analysts, Behavior Support Specialists, Intervention Specialists, Registered Behavior Technicians and Multi-Specialty Group Professionals providing state-of-the-art ABA services to the Louisville, Lexington, Florence & Central or Northern KY rural areas. 

We implement data-based strategies that assist individuals with community inclusion and a better quality of life through Positive Behavior Supports (PBS), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Community Access and various community based services in all relevant environments for learners of all ages. We developed an evidence-based model of service provision that is consistent throughout our clinicians' repertoires, our team of employees (not contractors) are trained to provide excellent, quality based services, we actually take data!

CBA is a provider through: SCL Waiver, Michelle P. Waiver, HART Grant, UBH (Optum Health), TRICARE (ACD), Humana (LifeSynch), Anthem, Coventry Care, Passport, Well-care,  and Private Pay Client Services. We have a turn nobody away policy, this does not mean we will be able to provide you with services but it does mean we will work with you diligently to find a financial path that works best for you...

See the complimentary screening page for a comprehensive list of funding avenues.


CBA provides the following services for children, adolescents and adults:

Positive Behavior Supports (SCL, MPW & ABI)
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

BCBA, RBT & Para-Professional 
Verbal Behavior Programming (VB)
Community Access & Community Living
Psychological Rehabilitation (ABI)
Person Centered Coaching (SCL)
Personal Care Services (MPW/SCL)
Functional Assessments & Crisis Evaluations
Behavior Support Planning & Consultation
Evidenced-Based Parent Training
IEP Development or Consult

Parent, Caretaker & Teacher Training
School District Consultations 

Agency Training & Staff Development for CEU(s) and Individualized Training Requests 

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:30am-5:30pm

Contact Robin Simmons for referral information or service inquiries.

CALL 502-409-7181 or email for an immediate response

Complimentary Screenings are provided for individuals and families seeking MPW, SCL and/or private insurance funded Positive Behavior Supports, Applied Behavior Anlaysis and/or related services at  visit our web page, submit a screening request form and you will be contacted to schedule a “free” screening for CBA services!Type your paragraph here.